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Mobile App | 15 July 2021


The CityZen application proposes a better communication between citizens and authorities.

Web App | 20 September 2021

CityZen Dashboard

CityZen dashboard is the main channel with the most important news of general interest in the CityZen application.

Web App | 20 September 2021


SAS Bot maintains our productivity as high as possible by automating repetitive and time consuming processes inside the company.

Experts in every step of the product lifecycle

Even if you are a Fortune 500 or a startup in stealth mode, we offer our clients the creative, technical and business skills they need to succeed.

What Sas-Technologies is good at is challenging certain decisions or opinions throughout the lifecycle of the project. Rather than simply going down the route of agreement with customer to appease them, they like to challenge what customers want as it isn’t necessarily always what they need. The outcome is therefore a much more collaborative effort built on mutual trust.

SAS Technologies team is the ideal partner for projects, their approach combines the pragmatism of the results with the flexibility of the road to the agreed objectives. They are not just another outsourcer, rather your project partner. So talk to them about goals and intermediate deliverables, less about man-day. We have worked and will continue to work with them.

AS Technologies has been an extremely valuable part of our branding. They take concepts and translate them into clean, visually appealing, and professional graphics that continue to impress. What we like most about SAS Technologies is that they will take creative risks and think outside the box in order to deliver a superior product that we are blown away by every time. Thank you SAS Technologies for all you have done for us!

Clients trust us

A trust-worthy relationship is built slowly through constant actions, we never let our clients down, you can ask them yourself.

Share your concept with us and our team will support you on a journey to deliver a revolutionary digital product.