5 Minutes read | 18 February 2022

Who are we?

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If you are looking for a group of developers with totally different cultures and visions that manage to comply with each-others needs and in the end be a part of a well-structured work machine, we are most likely the ones. Welcome to our home, SAS Technologies, a place where contradiction is the key to innovative concepts, a place where everyone has a valid point of view, but mainly a place where every wheel has to spin in its way so the machine can go further in one general direction.

The secret formula?

We are all enthusiasts of our field focused on one main goal, being better than yesterday and weaker than tomorrow. This motto is not just another set of words in our timeline, it’s a strong belief that we all stand by every day, a rule that pushes the team to search for answers where no one finds them but us. You could say that we have a secret formula or an extraterrestrial knowledge of our environment, but that is just too cool to be true, or maybe not?

What differentiates us?

Being so different for many people may seem like a problem, but we were surprised to find the exact opposite in our family. With our free time activities varying from rock climbing to music production, to tattooing or even video games, we couldn’t work our head around how we are so united. Then we understood, maybe we are very different people on the outside, but deep down we have a very deep connection with our work and our work connects us back.


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