Rebranding - App Development

Application - Cityzen

February 2021 - April 2021

About CityZen

Cityzen is one of the mobile apps we had to restructure and modernize that supports and encourages citizen involvement. The concept was to enable a long-lasting relationship between the administration and the community while creating trust between them. That being the matter at hand we considered using React Native making it possible for both IOS and Android users to connect easily using just their phone.

The app allows administration to raise awareness around the matters directly related to the well-being of the community. This is facilitated by making posts on the map inside Cityzen where they expose the new projects that will start soon and the way they will affect(if they will affect) the utilities in the area.

Because the vision was to make an app for the people we included two chat options for every project that may appear. One for the existing ones where citizens can discuss with the administration about how the project is going and what should be improved. Then there is a second chat option where the administration can propose projects, ideas or concepts for new constructions. Citizens will be able to express their opinion directly and by doing so, deciding if it will suit their community or not.



About the client

The Civic Dispatch Office is an association of intelligent activism that promotes dialogue and cooperation between civil society, the public and the private sector. They combine state-of-the-art technologies and professional competence to generate territorial analyzes that reflect the essence and reality of each area of public services we address.

How did we proceed?

There’s a lot of details going on in all types of projects, especially in Software, Construction and Public Administration industries. Given that we worked together on this project, you should check our journey.

Our first step towards development was to understand the specific business mentality required for a project like this, the customer being The Civic Dispatch, a non-governmental organization. We had to work our way through the lots of data from the first version of the app and see where and why the improvements were necessary.
For the second step we considered that it is mandatory to give the application a modern look and make the UX/UI as friendly and intuitive as possible for the users. Most of them being inside a wide generational gap, it was necessary that the app was as pleasing as possible for people with ages ranging from 18-19 years old to 50-60 maybe even more. The design had to be simplistic but also very modern, the functionalities were supposed to be very easy to use even for a person with a small tech knowledge or even none. Stand-alone matters that wouldn’t be challanging but as we were required to fulfill them all at once that brought some difficulties to the project.
In the development phase we worked mainly on the front-end due to the already existent back-end from the outdated version of the app.
The fourth step, the testing phase, we went through all the functionalities of the app and assured that everything works smoothly and as required. After finding all the issues and fixing them we got to the next two and final steps in our development process.
In the deploy phase we ensured a smooth transition to get the application up and running perfectly on both App Store and Google Play.
The final step, where we handover the application to the client and continue doing maintenance and adjustments when needed.

This is how it turned out

There is no exact set of words that could make you visualize the beautiful results of our work, so here are some pictures to get your head around the results.